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Channel 4's coverage of the Wales v South Africa game was simply appalling. Picture failure, sound balance problems, and a very limited number of cameras made viewing quite unpleasant. Obviously the guys operating the cameras were completely new to the game.

I did watch the Twickenham world series 7's competition over the week end and was very impressed with Alan Wilkins commentary. It would be so nice if he played a bigger part in covering Welsh International and Regional rugby matches in the future.

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I have to agree it was poor, but do they usually have any rugby on? Added to this, we don't know the situation in the stadium.
Were they allowed to use facilities they were expected to use? there often seems to be conflict when kit used exclusively for one sport is kept from other users. I had a relative who worked on boxing coverage and was told several times about stuff being locked away and having to drop a wire out the window etc.

It was poor, no doubting it. But it was first time and temporary and in a country where they use a different system (NTSC) so maybe they were not prepared.

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Mon Jun 04, 2018 12:22 pm
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Should imagine that the cost etc of getting ch4 staff out there was too high so they used locals who didn't have any experience of covering rugby

Why is it at the moment that a certain element of Welsh Rugby "Fans" all they do is want too moan.
Lighten up FFS

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