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PRO 14 Final 
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Post Re: PRO 14 Final
BigRed wrote:
Langland Exile wrote:
BigRed wrote:
Langland Exile wrote:
BigRed wrote:
Well played Leinster. We came second but what a game. :thumbup:
I agree with someone who mentioned our lack of a true 4 & 5. I think that is where we lost it, far too light in the heavy exchanges.
They outmuscled us in the tight phases allowing Sexton to dictate the pace of the game.
Sexton plugged Steff Evans virtually the whole match. He made his intention known from his very first touch of the ball and I feel that Steff was found wanting.
Maybe Pivac left it a bit late to bring on Tom Prydie who I thought plugged that gap when he came on.
Prydie, as I have mentioned before, will establish himself as one of our best wings in the forthcoming tour to Argentine.
I just hope he now remains injury free to at last fulfil his true potential.
I like Steff he is exciting to watch but he has his limitations.
I would like to see him reinventing himself as a scrumhalf. His style of play is ideally suited to that role.
With his ability as an SH he would keep the opposition loose forwards 'honest' and on their toes.

All Steff would need to do is:

a) learn to spin pass in both directions,
b) learn how to kick accurately
c) learn how to tackle bigger players,
d) learn how to catch the ball in the air when playing sweeper as a 9 must

Sounds pretty simple.... ;)

TBQH I think it is a big ask but I'm sure he can do it.
I definitely see him as a top SH who will cause mayhem in the opposition ranks.
I have also noted that he has often come into that role when the SH is 'otherwise occupied' and clears the ball very fast. More often than not creating space for those around him.
He could be blooded into that role by giving him twenty minutes every now and again when Scarlets are running away with the game, as we often do against lesser sides.
As a Wing, I can not see him progressing much further. I personally do not see him in the same light as Shane Williams.
While saying this, Steff is a great finisher and links well in attack and as a SH would have his hands on the ball more often. Regarding your (c) above, as a SH those big men, have not had time to build up much pace making it easier to tackle them. On the wing when they are coming at you with a pace it is much more difficult and is another area where Steff has been found wanting.

The Scarlets have two really top class players remaining in the ranks:

Foxy and Ken Owens, both Lions in NZ

The next tier has players like Rob Evans, Ball, Lee, Shingler, Cawdor, Parkes who are good international players, but not Lions standard.

The there is a drop to the next tier of players who are marginal international players or top club players, like all the 2018-19 imports or players like Steff Evans and James Davies.

I just don't think Steff is that good when the step up in level is taken, and is at his best when games break down structure wise, which is not that often at the very top level. He was craftily targeted on Saturday.

McNicholl is a far better player as an example. I expect to see taller/bigger wings playing for the Scarlets.

LE I think you are contradicting yourself. >>> I expect to see taller/bigger wings playing for the Scarlets<<< Where does that leave Steff?
McNichol will obviously sew up one wing, I expect Tom Prydie to sew up the other. Obviously, Ha'penny will sew up the FB jersey. That leaves Steff on the bench. Not a good place for a match winner. I would still like to see him in the SH jersey.

With due respect I am not.

Steff is very good in the Scarlets system, but top teams like Leinster have figured out how to play against them and target him as they did on Saturday, and having a 5'8" full back does not help, however brave he is.

I suggest you read Leo Cullen's post match comments.

Most teams don't have the pack to bully the Scarlets but top teams like Saracens and Leinster do, and will use the aerial game to make life difficult for us.

Priorities for 2018-19 for the Scarlets:

1. Clean up restarts (horrible this year)
2. Get the forwards to play like forwards all game, and have a little less beach rugby, the props don't offer enough as ball carriers
3. Devise a solution to the opposition aerial game.

We are all in the gutter but me and my mam are looking at the stars!

Mon May 28, 2018 8:12 pm
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Post Re: PRO 14 Final
Big And Dull wrote:
I'm not holding my breath

That's a disappointment.

I thought you were all in favour of clearly expressed opinions.


Wed May 30, 2018 2:24 am
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