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Fiji to Super Rugby from 2020 - it's starting... 
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Post Re: Fiji to Super Rugby from 2020 - it's starting...
Forrealz wrote:
loosechange wrote:
Forrealz wrote:
There is quite a bit of money in business and tourism Fiji. They probably would need other resources, would love to see Super rugby and IRB, pump some into it.

Hope this happens but getting rid of the bottom teams from Aussie and SA would be a start, already come on.

I'd still like 5 NZ, 4 Aussie, Fiji, Japan and Argentina.
Super 12

Or mix the Japanese team with the PIers.

possibly, but if one PI team was to do it independently with support of course, it would be Fiji..
Theyd need some big money to get some of their players back though, and it would have an internal pathway for the boys there. Fiji more than Tonga and Samoa can pick most of their players born and raised at home, often leaving at 16 plus like our league boys do here.
A Fiji team may stop countries from poaching Ill call it, players for their int teams. Almost every International team has a Fiji player not born or raised in their country but rugby exports at a young age, chasing the dream.

South Africa, I do really think its time to see past them. They are obviously on their own SA first journey. ie, pushing for 6 teams when they struggle to be completive with 4 even. Quaota overseas exports yada yada, but in the early days when not so many players were going overseas there top couple teams did OK but consistently the others were near the bottom. For the 4 nations (whats the word, anacrium), to agree on 6 SA teams and 2 home finalists was a complete joke, mistake and sarcoma to pressure.
Furthermore now they want to broaden their horizons and have 2 in Europe and 1 or 2 in America?
They don't care about our Super comp, the importance of it and how much damage they have caused and will cause.

We should promote our own comp with Aussie/Japan/Fiji possibly Argentina .
Bledisloe cup yep, huge focus a three match state of origan like. Try and keep the 4 nations alive, but be prepared for SA to jump.

SA are a step ahead in some ways but for a team that only does OK in Super rugby and OK in tri nations they are putting themselves before global rugby, and our SH area, its a f you to us..
Only my thoughts
I think the founders of Tri nations etc would be spewing at how this is at a point of falling over and to bits.

A PI only team would be the best result, but it all comes down to money, and if it's not there for a few seasons, it's a bit pointless trying, hence mixing it up with the Japanese. Won't happen though.

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